That’s Me – Lisa Hall

Your Magical ENERGY Facilitator

What I do as Magical ENERGY Facilitaor

Through my own personal journey of Creating, Healing and Inspiring a great LIFE for myself. I have acquired many professional and powerful skills, tools and insights that work to release old stuff, open to new vibes and get CHI flowing. I put all this together in the services I provide to CREATE, HEAL and INSPIREĀ  – YOU!

So whether we start with a massage or a intuitive counseling session, my intention is to facilitate a Magical breakthrough of ENERGY in your LIFE!


  • Massage & Bodwork 80%
  • Reiki & Energy Healing 70%
  • Intuitive Counseling & Coaching 90%
  • Yoga & Fitness Training 60%
  • Meditation & Intention Focus 50%

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